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About Me

I am an actor who grew up on Long Island and Manhattan, enjoying most of my summers in the beautiful Berkshire mountains and on Fire Island. Acting from a young age, I have had the good fortune to work alongside Vivica Fox, Chris Redd, and Anabelle Acosta in the BET / Universal comedy "Fat Camp," as well as attend the world premiere at the LA Film Festival with Director Jen Arnold. From there I worked with Adam Pally in FOX's "Making History" - as Kevin, co-starred in "Speechless" and guest starred on the Nickelodeon show, "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn". Stepping away from comedic-based projects I worked on a more serious film about the power of kindness in the feature film "Reach", opposite Garrett Clayton, Jordan Doww, and Joey Bragg. After this I took a break from acting to focus on my education, health, and fitness, and am now ready to get back into the game. A lot has changed about me since then as you might be able to see.














Despite the obvious physical change, I don't want to forget where I started so I've kept up my old reel as a fun reminder. When not acting, you can find me tinkering on my Ford Mustang Eco Boost, playing basketball, or gaming!

Through The Years

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About Me



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